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                                                  Eight Advantages of outdoor fitness eqiupment Jiamei
    Ⅰ. Advantage of Qualification

    a. A member of the China Sporting Goods Federation and as the Vice president;
    b. A member of the China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association;
    c. A member of the China Basketball Association Equipment Committee.
    2. Certificates: Authentication Certificate of Quality Management System
    Authentication Certificate of Environmental Management System
    Authentication Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System
    Germany GS Safety Certificate
    All of products have passed the inspected by China Sporting Goods Quality Test Center and all of them has insured by Chinese Pacific Ocean Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
    4. Well-known Trademark & Consumer Trustworthy Products

    Ⅱ. Advantage of Technological Equipment
    1. Adopting CO2 protected welding, the surface is more beautiful and its intensity is higher than other ordinary welding.
    2. Jiamei was the first company to adopt Sand blasting to remove rust in the area of Sporting Goods. Sand Blasting is not only easy to rust but also enlarge the equipment surface. This process is physical rust, environmental protection pollution-free.
    3. We have powder coating production line. Unique preheat device can ensure the capacity of powder adsorption ,as long as more than 70-meters heat retaining district makes power solidify fully, releasing the remained water vapor and welding gas of welding area to ensure the powder coating quality.
    4. The facilities are very advanced: CO2 protect welding machine, plasma cutting machine, curing machine, punch, radial drilling machine, table drill press, lathe, cutting trigger, casting exquisite grits machines, spray powder product line, auto-spray paint product line and so on.
    5. Specialized assembling equipment, it will affect the service life of equipment when workers assemble the bearing. Our company has made hydraulic assembly equipment by ourselves to guarantee the quality.

    Ⅲ Advantage of Technology
    1. Execute GB19272-2003 General Requirements of Fitness Equipment strictly, The design exceeds Chinese National Standard. For example, the requirement of powder thickness coating is 70-110μm in national standard, but the figure is 90-140μm in Jiamei standard; The service life of moving parts on equipment, like swing board, is 300 thousand times in national standard, but we require at least 500 thousand times2. The system of quality control is quite complete, It carries out self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection to ensure that the rejects do not come into the following process. 3. The inspecting equipments are complete, such as: MC-2000 Coating Thickness Gauge, Fatigue Test Machine, Rigidity Gauge, Inner Radius Gauge, Vernier Caliper, Out Radius Micrometer, Gradienter and so on.
    4. First inspection, circuit inspection and final inspection control guarantee that production processes are operated strictly according to technics operating instructions, so as to ensure the accuracy of technics parameters.
    5. Skilled staff: in the factory, 10 Senior technical staff, 18 middle class technical staff. Weekly technical training system and monthly technical ensure technical level of staff a sustaining improvement.

    Ⅳ Advantage of Quality
    1. Auxiliary material and raw material: Adopting steel tube, iron plate, plastic powder, welding wire made from big companies, the companies are all with full qualification and reputation in domestic.                                     
    2. Important specification of raw material will be checked regularly, for example:
    ① Wall thickness of per tube
    ② Service life of per batch by rank (by fatigue- test machine)
    ③ Adsorbability of powder coating per batch.
    3. Insist the system of quality sustaining improvement
    Visit customers regularly, listen to the opinions and suggestions, combining scientific design to improve the quality persistently. After getting feed back from customers, the technologist will put forward suggestion according to the problem, then quickly implement improvement measures, such as add bushing block to main pipe, add half-moon plate to suspension parts to enhance the power, add inside block or anti-shear guard board to moving system.
    4. Every process are controlled according to process instruction written by professional technologist, it avoids arbitrary and non controllable with the production, builds quality control system of workpiece with traceability.

    Ⅴ.Advantages of production capacity:
    Our company is a large Chinese production base of sports equipment, covers an area of more than 40 acres. Our monthly production capacity is as follow: 4000 pieces of fitness equipment, 300 pieces of basketball stand, 1500 pieces of indoor pingpong table and 500 pieces of other sport equipments. The strong production capacity ensures the capacity of promptly supply.
    Our whole production process is strictly accordance with requirements of ISO14001 and National Cleaner Production; strive to reduce the harmful effect of environment and be the first to pass the International Cleaner Production Audit Acceptance in the national sports goods enterprises, to achieve cleaner production.

    Ⅵ.Marketing advantages:
    Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. depends on its particular technology, quality, production capacity and aptitude advantage with national fitness as its duty to sale products to all over of China. In order to adapt international market and increase demand of outdoor fitness equipment, Xiadian Jiamei Import and Export which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of it was founded. The subsidiary is specialized in developing international market; it has cooperated with the United States, France, Spain, Netherlands, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, South Korea and etc. Jiamei people are making their contribution to promoting human’s health.

    Ⅶ.Advantage of Geography
    The company is located in Beijing east which a place of Dachang National Industrial Park, it will only take 40 mins from Beijing Airport to our factory. Traffic has been extended in all directions, physical distribution unblocked.

    Ⅷ. Advantage of Market
    Nowadays, Jiamei products not only are sold to more than 30 provinces in China, but also distributed to all of the world by the overseas distributors .They have been already distributed and installed in USA, Canada, Britain, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, India, Iran, Pakistan, Korea and so on. The dream of all of staff in Jiamei is that the fitness equipments which is researched and manufactured by Chinese people are exported to outside world becomes reality. And Jiamei people will continue to contribute itself to the healthy of the whole world.

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