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    Unity, Innovation, Practicality, Refinement.
    Enterprising Tenet:
    Creating advanced product to satisfy the need of customers; Innovation is the road to develop the company; Carving out to realize life value.
    Enterprise Values:
    Safety exceeds Taishan weight Standing outstrips life Innovation has no ends
    Enterprising mission:
    Brearing the dream of health,creating a much bright future together.
    Serve theory:
    Customer s need is our behavior guide
    Customer s wish is our improvement direction

    Customer s satisfaction is our eternal aim
    Customer s trust and admittance is our intangible property
    Sales pitch:
    Go along with Jiamei, Life will be splendid
    Care from jiamei brings you a healthy future
    Jiamei fitness equipment makes your life more interesting
    Bearing the dream of health, creating a much bright future together.


      Health Career of Xiadian Jiamei :

       Create business of fashion and tangible Show life of healthy and qualityEnterprising

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