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    1. Renting factories and buying equipments and be ready to build Jiamei Fitness equipments factory.

    1. The first outdoor product of Lujing was developed successfully at the Jiamei Fitness Equipments factory
    2. The first series of Outdoor Lujing product was install successfully
    3. Gaining Certificate of Competency from China Sporting Goods Quality Test Center

    1. To employ the first batch marketing staff.
    2. The fitting equipments had been insured the product liability insurance of Chinese Pacific ocean Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
    3. Taking part in the 13th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Beijing
    4. Buying 12 acers field to build the new factory
    5. The first agent began to order from Jiamei Fitness Equipments factory.

    1. A new factory completed and put into operation.
    2. From Jiamei Fitness Equipments factory to Co., Ltd. and the Registered Capital RMB100,000,000
    3. Taking part in the 14th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Shanghai
    4. Taking part in the 15th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Beijing

    1. Buying another new place and building the second factory
    2. Establishing a laboratory, the Fatigue Test Machine is put into operation
    3. Taking part in the 16th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Shanghai
    4. Gaining "Xiadian Jiamei" Trademark Registration Certificate from People’s Republic of China Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office
    5. Gaining the Sports Product Certificate from the NSCC
    6. Gaining "the 8th Consumer Trustworthy product" from Consumer’s Association of Langfang
    7. Gaining "ISO9001 International Quality System”
    8. The first export of outdoor fitness equipment to India

    1. The second factory has been finished building and can produce 50,000 pieces of different of products per year.
    2. Taking part in the 18th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Chengdu
    3. Elected as the Well-known Trademark
    4. Taking part in the Munich International Sporting Goods & Fashion Exposition in 2006 at first time

    1. Gaining the certificates of ISOISO14001 & OHSAS 18000
    2. Taking part in the 20th China International Sporting Goods Fair in Chengdu
    3. Gaining the certificate of “Consumer Trustworthy Product”

    1. Having the honor to gain the Credit Enterprise
    2. Finish building the Powder coating production line
    3. Gaining the GS Safety Certificate
    4. Taking part in the 22nd China International Sporting Goods Fair in Beijing

    1. Build the third new factory and expand Jiamei
    2. Taking part in the 24nd China International Sporting Goods Fair in Beijing
    3. Establishing a special Jiamei Management Mode to manage and produce
    4. Gaining the first patent certificate which is “Composite Structure with Decorating Post and Membrane Structure Umbrella for Outdoor Fitness Equipment”.
    5. China Outdoor Fitness Alliance was held the meeting in Jiamei and then Jiamei became the Vice President Company
    6. Taking part in the 106th Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

    1. Winning the prize of "General Public’s Love" in the fourth national innovative outdoor fitness equipment exhibition which held in Hefei. 
    2. Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Held the national distributors Annual Meeting "2010 Strength Witness"
    3. In the China International Sporting Goods Fair, Jiamei’s Landscape Series and WPC Series products focused the attention of the world.
    4.Taking part in the 108th China Import and Export Products Fair (Canton fair).

    1. Extending capital to USD twenty million in February, 2011.
    2. Taking part in the 28th China International Sporting Goods Fair on May 13th, 2011.
    3. The chairman took part in the Four Period Secondary (Enlargement) Meeting held by the professional committee of fitness equipment on May 24th 2011.  
    4. Obtaining two patents of utility model on November 9th 2011.
    5. Taking part in the 2011 China (Beijing) International Sports Industry Summit Forum from November 9th to November 10th in 2011.

    1. Hainan International Tourism Island Landscape Project passed acceptance check in January.
    2. All middle-level cadres had the training on "Leadership" by Mr Zhang Kai from Zhongxu Share on February 18th.
    3. The chairman and technical director took part in the Korean Sports Expo on February 23th.
    4. Obtain the “Top Energy Enterprises" title in China’s cultural and educational sporting goods industry.
    5. Obtain the “Famous Brand Products in Hebei’s Small and Medium Enterprise" title in March 2012.


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